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Hello Kitty Scrubs

Looking for the very popular Hello Kitty Scrubs? Below are reliable online retailers we have researched that offer Hello Kitty Scrubs for the best prices and some even offer free shipping. Feel free to compare them so you feel certain you are getting the best price.

Hello Kitty Scrubs have become a very popular design for medical scrubs and there is a good reason for that. Not only are they very cute but their characters are well known with kids.

If you are a health care professional and work with kids on a regular basis Hello Kitty Scrubs is a very good choice. Any scrub with cartoon characters printed on them is great when working with children. But the Hello Kitty characters are especially popular and recognizable.

When children go to the doctor’s office or a hospital it can be very uncomfortable and filled with apprehension and trepidation. Children will get a very positive lift when they see a nurse or doctor wearing medical scrubs with cartoon characters on them, especially Hello Kitty characters.

Wearing this type of scrub can be very helpful in easing their fear and uncertainty of children. It can make them calmer and will help to make the visit to see the doctor a more pleasant and less scary experience.

If you know a little about the Hello Kitty story you can share this with your patients and that will be helpful also.

Hello Kitty Facts

Hello Kitty is a fictional cartoon character started by a company, Sanrio in Japan in 1974. The character was introduced to the US two years later.

At the very start, Hello Kitty did not have a name. It was introduced as a cute kitty with a red bow on its left ear. In a very short time it became a huge celebrity with the people in Japan. A year later in 1975, Hello kitty was named.

Hello Kitty is in the third grade. She is a cheerful, warm hearted little girl that enjoys eating her mama’s apple pie with vanilla ice cream topped on it.

Her favorite things are candy, stars and goldfish.

Her height and weight are measured in apples. She is said to be as tall as five apples and weigh the same as three apples.

Hello Kitty’s blood type is A.

She was born in Japan but now lives in London, England.

Hello Kitty has a twin sister named Mimmy. Mimmy is her best friend. To tell them apart you just have to look at the flower on their ears. Mimmy wears her flower on her right ear.

When Hello Kitty grows up she wants to play the piano or write poetry.

Hello Kitty’s favorite things to include: reading, traveling, eating cookies and listening to music.

The absolute most favorite thing Hello Kitty likes to do is make new friends. Hello Kitty says “you can never have too many friends.”

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