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Looking for Cheap Medical Scrubs? We have searched the Internet to find you the best prices on medical scrubs. Many of these sites, listed here, also offer money back guarantees and free shipping.

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Medical scrubs are type clothing worn by medical professionals like doctors, nurses and other medical assistants. It is worn to protect health care workers, to further cleanliness and sanitation, and to avoid the spread of infection.

This type of clothing first began being used in the mid twentieth century when there became awareness for the importance of clean and sanitary conditions in the medical setting and in surgery rooms. Before surgeons started wearing medical scrubs they would perform surgeries in their street clothes and draped bulky aprons over themselves to protect their clothes.

This medical garment became named “Scrubs” because whenever it was worn surgeons always had to vigorously wash their hands and arms before operation on a patient.

Over the tears scrub attire has evolved. Scrubs were originally white to represent cleanliness. But that stained easily and with the bright lights the stark white at times caused eye strain.

Scrub attire first started making its appearance in the 1940’s. At that time they were more like gowns draped over surgeons and nurses. In the 50’s and 60’s they had taken shape in the form of tops and pants in colors like blue and green.
Today scrubs come in a wide variety of bright colors and patterns.

Many medical professionals will wear cartoon design scrubs when with children because it helps to ease their anxiety. Around the holiday’s it is not uncommon for medical professionals to show up wearing scrubs with holiday designs to lighten and create a festive mood.

Basic scrubs are usually v-neck with short sleeves for the shirts. Pants have draw strings to fit a variety of sizes. They also can come in more tailored and fit designs which come at a higher price than the more traditional cheap medical scrubs.

Many different fabrics are used for scrubs today like cotton, polyester, silk and poplin. This medical attire is designed to be easily cleaned. In addition to pants and tops, scrubs also come in the form of hats, jackets, gowns, lab coats and covers for shoes.

In most every type of medical setting, today, the entire staff wears scrubs to comply with the sanitary environment requirements.

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How to Purchase Cheap Medical Scrubs

First thing to do when looking for cheap medical scrubs is to ask if your office, clinic or hospital has a requirement for scrub color or choice of patterns. Next, determine what type of fabric suits you best.

You want something that offers both comfort and ease of cleaning. Popular fabric choices include: poplin, cotton or polyester. These are good fabrics that do not hold on to stains and often will resist fluids.

Select a style that fits your profession. If you work with children select prints with cartoon characters. If you are a nurse you might want a scrub design that has lots of pockets. Perhaps your environment requires a more tailored and fit design.

Cheap medical scrubs can be found at both medical specialty and medical uniform stores. You have to shop around for the best price for cheap medical scrubs. The Internet can be used to view the many different designs available and help you find cheap medical scrubs that will be of high quality and a top brand name.

Some of the best sites for cheap medical scrubs include: uniform, dirt cheap and scribbidy

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